Thursday the 2nd of July Pioneers,Have a Busy Day! – piano – Xylophone


Here are two versions of The Flight of the Bumble Bee for you to enjoy.
In the classroom the Pioneers had a baton or a conducting stick. You could use a pencil or a spoon to move to the music.

Take a look at the animation too. It is beautiful.

Here is a wonderful piece of music played on different instruments and a beautiful animation to accompany it.
Could you talk through what is going on as you watch the animation?
Try out using these words to retell the action:
And then
At the end

This is a wonderful game to play together online or on paper.
This will encourage your Pioneer to think carefully. This will need to be modeled first but I think they will begin to work out what to do next.

Now that you have got the hang of the square and it’s properties,take a look at the rectangle.

Make some rectangles on squared paper to match the Numberblocks.

Hello Pioneers! It is the 1st of July Happy Learning

Here is a nice quick little read.
Enjoy it together.


Bees love flowers. Flowers love bees.
Cut up a plastic bottle to create a flower.
The bottle will cut with ordinary scissors. You can also cut leaves very easily from the big bits.
Decorate with felt pens,paint or stick things on.
It’s tricky and this is one to do together.


Here is another small section to add to your reading and writing about bees.
Use this to complete your story map.

Take a look at this episode and then explore how many bricks you need to make a square. You could use squared paper
Take a look at Numberblock 4 ? Hwo many squares across? How many squares down?
Colour in 8 squares. Can you make a square?
Colour in 5 squares.. Can you make a square?

Make a square? .How many blocks do you need?
What is special about a square?

That’s Maths Magic!

Tuesday the 30th of June – Pioneers,Here are your Suggestions for Learning

Maddie Moate has a wonderful collection of science videos and one of her passions is Beekeeping.
Take a look. There are some amazing facts to collect.

Use the question words again when watching the video. It goes hand in hand with the Bee book.

Once you have listened to The Bee book and watched Maddie Moate’s videos have a try at some Bee Reading and Writing.
I have written a short text which you can read together,learn and write.
You could try a short story map to go with it.
Discuss pairs.
The bee has 3 pairs of legs,2 pairs of wings and 1 pair of eyes and antennae.
This is another opportunity for counting in twos
Happy Learning

Here are two videos to watch to get going on your shape work.
I have also attached a vocabulary list for you.

The Tangram is a fun mathematical puzzle which allows comparison and conversation about shape and measure.

A set of shapes has five pieces.
First, make a square using four pieces.
Then, make a square using all five pieces.

Then add another set of five pieces (so now there are ten) and make a square with all of them.
If you have Flash Player then there is an online version here too.

And there is also a 7 piece Tangram set to have a go with.

See Tapestry for Tangram pieces.


Monday the 29th of June 2020 -Have a Wonderful Windy Day

Walter was determined to make a wonderful web but it was hard work.
Listen to the book together and discuss the shapes he used.
Take a look outside. Can you spot some wonderful webs?
Take a look at the other links posted today to start building up your knowledge of shape.


Once you have listened to Walter’s Web have a look around the house to find some shapes. I suggest food tins,jars and packages and perhaps some building blocks.
Get some play dough or even mud in the garden.
Press the shape into the dough.
Ask your Pioneer:
Tell me about what you’ve made.
Can you see other blocks/packets that might make the same footprint?
Look at the block and the footprint it has made side by side. What’s the same and what’s different?

What will happen if we turn the shape over and make a new footprint?
How many different footprints do you think you can you make with this shape?
Which shapes might have made this footprint?

Draw around a block or packet. Look at the shape you have made.
Is it the same shape as the footprint?

If you dont have dough you could use paint or try out talc on black paper for a different kind of messy work.Enjoy

Here is our book for the week. This book is full of questions. To begin the week we are going to focus on the question about bees and flowers.
Hopefully your Pioneer will be curious and have lots of questions to pose.
Try using all of the question words to construct sentences

This is a wonderful book to begin our learning about bees.
Listen together.
Do you know what a miracle is?
Use the question words,”Who,what,where,when,why and how”
What does the bee collect?
Why does the flower smell nice?
Where does the bee take the pollen?
What is a bee’s special job?
Where do bees live and work?

Here is an annotated diagram of a bee.
Ask your Pioneer to draw or to paint the bee,looking closely at the structure of the body and naming the parts.
I hope that they enjoy learning the new vocabulary.
Thorax is one of my favourite words.

Friday the 26th of June 2020 Suggestions for Learning for Pioneers

Here is a quick link to Phonics Play.
We have not used this in the class yet or discussed real and fake.
This would be an interesting chat to have.


Here are a few fun videos with Geraldine to revise your tricky words which is always useful.

As always,if you are happy reading them then have a go at writing them for yourself.

Happy Phonics Y’all.

Work with a numbersquare is always good.

Let your Pioneer spot the patterns.
Stat by marking vounting in 2’s
You could mark all the 10’s
You could splat all the 5,s
Tallk about the pattern that is made.
Can you say why?
Happy Counting


Geraldine is also going on a journey.
Maps and mapping are fascinating to discuss with the Pioneers.

Here is another suitcase to play the memory game with.
I went on a journey and in my case I packed…
There is a change in each photograph. Can you spot it?

Thursday the 26th of June – Pioneers,Here is your Learning Menu for Today.

Spin the wheel and make a word…or two.
Can you complete the words using the sounds on the wheel.

Make your wheel at

I have repeated the sounds to make it more exciting.
Happy Phonics Folks.

Here is a worksheet for you to try.


Yesterday’s suggestion was about what to pack for a journey.
Continuing on that theme,here is a suggestion for you:
Below are photographs of a selection of tools you might need on your journey.
What would you use them for?
Which one would be good for scooping peanut butter from a jar?
Which one would be good to lift up a wiggling worm?
Which one would you chose if you needed to help a baby bird back into its nest?
I’m not sure what they are all for. Could you tell me what you think and why?
Could you use any of them to dig a hole?
Would you be able to paint with any of them?
I’d love to hear what you think.

Wednesday the 24th of June 2020- Suggestions for Pioneers.

Count the strawberries on the plate.
Count the ponies in each photograph.
How many strawberries can each pony have?
Can you make it fair?
You can draw pictures.
You can write number sentences.
That’s maths magic!


“I went on a trip. I put my things in a brown bag. I am sure I forgot stuff. I checked my list…
In my brown bag I put…”

In the story “Rain Before Rainbows” there is a line about going on a wonderful journey.
If you were going on a journey you would need to pack a bag.
What would you take with you to go on a trip?

Look at the tings that I have packed in my brown bag. Can you list all the things.
You could use my sentence starter to play the memory game.
Are all the things that were in the bag on the 2nd photograph?
Is there anything missing?
Is anythiing differemt?
You can write a list or some sentences.


Here is you phonics suggestion for today. Revise the sounds from Monday and Tuesday and add in todays which is “ar” Flash cards Geraldine

Enjoy the sunshine.

Monday the 22nd of June-Learning Suggestions for Pioneers Seymour Science explains… Explorify is a wonderful science resource. Take a look.

Here are three short clips to introduce the changing seasons to your Pioneer. I am sure that these will bring lots of questions.
Stay curious. Happy Learning

This story is an introduction to the seasons for the Pioneers.
This sits nicely with the video clips.

Here is your suggestion for phonics. I suggest that this week we have a bit of revision of some of the Phase 3 digraphs. Here is the poster set that we use to introduce each of these alongside Geraldine.
Your Pioneer will recognise this document.
Today I suggest you take a look at “OW” Flash cards Geraldine

Happy Learning

Here is your suggestion for maths today.

Take a look at the Numberblocks episode.”Lair of Shares”

I have taken photographs of vegetables with share images.

Have a chat about what they represent. Can you draw pictures of each photograph.

Ask questions,” How many peas in each pod?”
“How many peas altogether?”
“Can we share the peas?”
” Is it fair?”

Go out and look for evidence of the summer.
Collect leaves and grasses and wild flowers.
You can make a card to weave onto with card and string or elastic bands.
Happy Hunting

It’s Friday Pioneers. Let’s Do Some Fabulous Learning 19th June 2020

Lego blocks are perfect for lots of maths.
Sort the blocks by the number of dots.
Ask your Pioneer to say the number sentences out loud .
Monday’s Numberblocks introduced x and the I have written “lots of”.
This is new and may be tricky so go slowly and enjoy.
Use the writing on my bubble board to help with chat.
Draw pictures.
Happy Maths

Last week I suggested Phonics Play to add to your routine.
Here is another selection of suggestions
I would also suggest to revisit all the sounds covered this week:

Happy Learning


Our Award Winning Hedgehog Close Film

This little film is beautiful and contains some suggestions to make your garden hedgehog friendly. One suggestion is to leave food for a hedgehog.
Another is to provide a home, maybe in a log pile.
Perhaps you could write a sign for the hogs and make a cafe for them.
Could you find a selection of food for a hedgehog and write a menu perhaps?


Thursday the 18th of June-Happy Learning for Pioneers!

Lots and lots of great maths suggestions for you today relating to counting in 5’s
Her is a Worksheet to look at together and discuss.

The counting stick is great to support counting in 5’s too.

Take a look at the photographs and talk about the bubble questions.
This is maths magic! Owls hunt in the dark. Take a look. Hedgehogs too.

This link takes you to a selection of clips of hedgehogs in the dark.

These are two of my favourite nocturnal animals. It is unlikely that we are able to catch them feeding in the daytime.
Why might that be?
Do you have things in your garden that a hedgehog might fancy for dinner?

Have a read of the fascinating hedgehog facts.
Could youdo anything to help a hedgehog in your garden?

Read the sentences in the photographs.
Have your Phase 4 sound mat close by.
Can you spot the sounds in the sentences on your sound mat?
Can you spot any of the sounds on the sound mat in your sentences?
If you want an extra challenge open the document attached and you will find lots more.
Happy Reading