Happy Holiday Pet Show

Now we all love having a pet.
Perhaps you have a dog. Maybe you have a cat or a hamster. It is possible that you may have a horse or some chickens.
Worms make great pets and I know that lots of you just adore woodlice. Tigers and alligators are tricky to keep as pets and prefer to be in the wild
Some of these can be difficult to handle and you may prefer an imaginary pet, a toy or a brother or sister.

Your mission for the holidays,should you choose to accept it is to hold a pretend Pet Show. Team Sleights will be doing this at home too.
Here are a few ideas:
Make a poster to advertise when and where your Pet Show will take place.

Plan the categories for your show. Here are some ideas:

Pet with the smiliest face
Pet most like its owner
Pet with the waggiest tail
Agility Course/obstacle course

Best Trick
Best dancer
Best singer
Best fancy dress
These are just ideas. As always your ideas are the best.

Make rosettes or medals as awards for pets and handlers.

Someone with a clipboard will need to be the judge.

Try out an app called Piccollage if you haven’t used it before. It lets you collect and arrange photographs and text.
It’s fun for making posters.It’s free.


You could also make a model of your pet from cardboard tubes,fabric and bits.

We would absolutely love to see photographs and video of your Holiday Pet Show.

Pop over to Tapestry to see some videos and photographs for ideas 

Happy Learning


Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone,

Its Friday, hurray and what a busy week we’ve all had.

We have been amazed and overwhelmed to see all the activities you have been doing this week. We really are so proud of you all! Please keep sending us your messages/pictures and videos via Tapestry – we love to see/hear about what you’re doing!

We hope you are enjoying our stories and songs too. Remember, if you have a favourite just ask (if we’ve got it, we will read it!).

Today, check out Mrs Hann’s storytelling/story writing activity on Tapestry using Story Cubes – they are so much fun!

Whatever you do today, keep in touch and look out for tonight’s Bedtime Story.

Keep smiling 🙂

Team Sleights



Good Morning to you all.

Here is your maths mission for today should you choose to accept it.

Look carefully at each ladybird.

Count the spots on one side.

Count the spots on the other side.

Write a number sentence using +and =

Ask yourself some maths questions,” I wonder…

Which Ladybird has the most spots?

Which Ladybird has the smallest number of spots?

What if….

I add one more?

I take one spot away?

Draw your own Ladybirds with 10 spots,7 spots or 5 spots.

As always,send me your pictures or videos. I love to log on and see them

Happy Maths

What’s Hatching?

Earlier this week,I read The Odd Egg. I didn’t finish the story and asked you what was hatching.

Someone said it might be a big bird. Someone said it might be a T-Rex. I was sure that it was going to be a dragon.

Take a look at this video to find out just what came out of the egg:


It wasn’t a bird but a thing with sharp teeth and snapping jaws.

Pop over to Tapestry to see some suggestions for a job to do today.

Get cracking Pioneers

Once Upon A Tuesday…

Good Morning Pioneers, 

I hope that you enjoyed the stories and the suggestions yesterday. I certainly loved getting the replies and seeing your pictures too.

Today,I am sending you a link to one of our favourite maths things. I would like you to play with it and then show it to your grown up.

Get some small pieces of paper.

Write number 1-10 or up to 20 if you like.. Use numbers to suit you.

Find a magic hat.(All hats are magic) Put the numbers in the hat. Pull one out.

Here is what I would like you to try, make numbers on the number frame and ask your grown up,” What is 1 more than…?” and then,”What is one less than…?” 

Take turns to write the number. Remember you can use Ladybirds to fill the number frame too. Play with the colours


There is a number square in your school pack. Find the number on the square and colour it in


That’s Maths Magic as we say in Pioneers.


Welcome to the New Week 30March 2020

Welcome to the new week. The suggestions for learning this week will centre around nests and eggs. The birds are chirping and are looking for worms so I thought it would be nice to look at “What comes out of an egg?”

I will put suggestions for learning on Tapestry. These will include a reading book and some ideas for counting and writing along with some ideas to explore and of course a story for you.

Please enjoy these together and as I always say these are only suggestions,often the Pioneers have the greatest ideas to follow.

Keep in touch.

Happy Learning

Good Morning 27th March -Mud Pies and Other Recipes

Mud Pies and Other Recipes

Good Morning to you all. It is a bit frosty but I do think that when the sun starts to shine the garden will be a lovely place to be so with this in mind I have a suggestion for learning today taken from one of my most favourite books.

  1. Look at the recipe ideas in the photographs from the book. A grown up can help you.
  2. Take a look in your garden. Each garden will have special things and each Pioneer will have special ideas. 
  3. Do your recipe. Who is it for? How will you serve your creation?
  4. Make a story map to share your recipe with others.We can show our photographs to each other on a shared post later so take lots of pictures.
  5. Write some words to add to your story map-Stir,mix,grass,grit,muck,dish. Use your phonics sheets to help you.
  6. Happy Learning

Have a wonderful day people. I will do a story during the morning so look out for a post on Tapestry

Good Morning 26th March 2020

Good Morning to you all. I hope that you enjoyed our stories yesterday. A new story will be on later today.

The sun is shining so I am sure that you will all want to take the opportunity to be outside looking for signs of spring and taking care of the worms. 



Here is a link to one of our favourite songs if you would like a little reminder. It is Micheal Rosen singing,” Threw It Out The Window…” Sing while you are digging.



This link will take you to a guide to help you identify signs of spring.


If you are spending time inside today you could have a look around your house to find any clocks. I had fun yesterday taking pictures of all of mine. You can send me pictures on Tapestry.

Have a play around with some fun online timers and let me know what you can do in 1 minute.


Have fun and stay safe.

Happy Learning

Mrs Hann

Daily Update 25th March 2020

Good Morning Happy People and thank you for all of your fantastic photographs. It is wonderful to see you all. The sun is shining again so its another wonderful day to get outside and play.


At this page,you will find a beautiful range of great things to try out from painting with flowers to making a band from your kitchen equipment. This is fun for all the family.

If you are on Facebook,search for Maria’s Mini Movers. Maria is an ex-pupil from Sleights C of E School and is now a Professional dancer. She is doing a free dance lesson three times a week and the video will remain on her page.


I will have Tapestry open all day so semd me a message and let me know if I can help.

Mrs Brown’s story was an epic last night so look out for another today.

Happy Learning

Mrs Hann