Pioneers Suggestions for Learning for Tuesday the 12th of January

Hello all you Happy Pioneers,

Here are some suggestions for your Happy Learning:

Let’s begin with some phonics and reading.

I suggest that you revise all of the sounds on the sound mat to start off.

Then revise the digraphs ee,ai and oa. You could take a fresh look at Geraldine if you need to. You could pause the video and write the words together.

In the photographs you can see  a collection of sentences with these digraphs.  Read the sentences with a grown-up. Your Pioneer could try to write some of the words or the sentences. Keep the sound mat close to you and the Phase 2 High Frequency Words too.

Here are the digraphs to look at again ai,ao and ee. Each word has some letters missing. Can you figure out which digraph goes in each word? It is tricky. Go slowly and try them out. You can use these to write your own sentences too.

 I have included a photograph of the high frequency words. These are very useful to read and to write.

Take a look at this link for extra support. You can turn the sound down and you can read the words as they come up:

Your new sound for today is a trigraph-igh-three letter,one sound.

Here is the link to Geraldine for this sound:

Take a look at the poster for words containing the -igh sound.


And now for some maths,

Here is a link to the website I would like you to use:
I would like you to use this to try out some subtraction for the song 5 Currant Buns. i hope that you all know how it goes…

If you do not want to use this maths app,you could draw out the song like a story map or play it out with your toys.

Please send me photographs and videos so I know how you are getting on.

In our book,What We’ll Build there is a beautiful illustration of a selection of useful tools. I have found a similar collection in my kitchen. Take a look at my picture and Oliver Jeffers picture. perhaps you could take a picture of a collection of tools in your house. Please share the picture with me.Ask some questions:

How does it work?

What is this for?

How does it work?

Tell me all about your interesting tools.

I  look forward to seeing what’s in your kitchen drawer or tool box!

Let me know what I can do to help.
Happy Learning

Thursday the 16th of July 2020-Good Morning to you All-Learning Suggestions for the Pioneers

We have made it through to the holidays. No more sleeps…

It’s Teddy Bears Picnic Day and I hope that you will join me in this wherever you are.

Here are your suggestions for today:

It is Picnic Day and toys enjoy real food and pretend food.
If you mix together 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of mud/compost and add water to make a dough,the resulting material is a fantastic mix to make and build with.
If you then add some cardboard and some leaves you have all you need to make tasty teddy treats.
Otherwise you could make some real sandwiches in the kitchen for you all to enjoy.
Get online and check the weather forecast before you set your rug out. You may have to set it out on the kitchen floor.
Happy Picnic All


Our Maths this week has been about big numbers. They all use zero.
Here is a story about Zero.Pop over to Tapestry to watch the video.

Once you have read the story,take a look at the book pages and try writing 100,1000,10,000,100,000,1,000,000.
You can also make the numbers on this week’s app:

Here is the link to a big numbers episode of Numberblocks.


That’s Maths Magic

Wednesday the 15th of July – Predator or Prey for Pioneers

Who’s eating Who?
Over the last few days we have been learning about food chains and classifying animals as herbivores,carnivores and omnivores
The next two words to learn are Predator and Prey.
Animals that eat other animals are called predators. The animals they eat are called prey.
Take a look at .this clip and read your new reading book.
Can you spot the predator?
Who is the prey?


As always,go slowly.
Go back to Geraldine if you need to revise a specific sound.
This book will help with the work on today’s other post about Predator and Prey.
Happy Reading.
To finish the year we need to get to 100.
Find 100 on your number square.
Use the NumberPieces App
Find 100 square.
Lay ten sticks on top of the square.
How many can you fit on top?
Try writing 100.
What comes after 100… The Big Numbers Song
This is a link to a favourite in the classroom.

Tuesday the 14th of July – Have a Lovely Day Pioneers.

Here is a little song for you to learn to remind you to look after your teeth.
Perhaps you could write your own words!

Write a menu for the picnic.
On the photograph is a list of words that your Pioneer may be able to spell.
Once you have come up with an initial list add adjectives to add detail.

While you watch the episode,pause and write the number sentences.
Make each one up using the pieces on the app website below.

Have a number square at hand and ask your Pioneer to find the numbers you are looking at.
How many different ways can you make 50,using 10’s?
Set the sticks out on the app and write the number sentences.
Use the Numberblocks episode to help out.

Monday the 13th of July -Have a Wonderful Day Pioneers!
This is an introduction to different teeth types in animals
And this next one is mainly humans:
And this is a fun one about types of teeth:

Take a look at your own teeth to identify the differences.
Do you have any missing?
Happy Learning.

Experiment with counting in 10’s and recognising what each number looks like.
Make the number using the 10 sticks.
Write the number and find it on the 100 square


Repeat this in a different order.
Give your Pioneer the 10 sticks image and ask them to write the number and find it
That’s Maths Magic

Thursday is the last day of term and we always have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.
Encourage your Pioneer to do some writing for the picnic.
Begin with an invitation to the toys that will be joining them.
On the photographs you will see suggested vocabulary that fits with the phonics they have experience of.
Happy Planning.

Thursday the 9th of July – Pioneers Learning Suggestions

Find a selection of 3D shapes- cube,cuboid,sphere,cylinder.
Place them one at a time in a bag.
Ask your Pioneer to put their hand in and feel the shape and to describe what they feel.
Here are some words to try out –sharp, slopey, pointy, like a brick, arch, box.
Here is a list of mathematical shape language – corner, side, edge, flat, curved, rectangular, cylinder

Next,place a selection of shapes in the bag. Ask your Pioneer to bring out the shape with a curved surface or six flat faces or the one with rectangular faces.
This is tricky so you will need to model this.
Can your Pioneer ask the questions?
Happy Learning!

Make a collection of your toy animals. Look at my photographs.
What do you think these animals eat?
Can you say if they are a herbivore, a carnivore or an omnivore?
What do you know about the teeth of the animals in my pictures?
Could you sort the animals into groups depending on what they eat? Mr Thorne reads and blends for you. and a classic.

Go back through all of your Phase 3 soundmat and the words from Monday.
Reread yesterday’s reading book together.

Happy Phonics

Wednesday the 8th of July – Happy Learning Pioneers!

Here is a new funny book for you to enjoy together.
Happy Reading

Here is your race to rehearse today:
Daddy penguins need to keep their egg safe. To do this they balance it on their feet and waddle around.
Get a Potato and pretend that this is your penguin egg. Can you walk around with it balanced like a caring daddy penguin?
Its tricky!


Penguins eat fish. Polar Bears eat seal.Rabbits nibble grass.
Food chains are fascinating.
This is another of my favourite songs explaining food chains.
Take a look.

Here are links to two excellent videos to explain who is eating who: Food Chains-an introduction

Today your building challenge is to recreate a famous landmark with your building material.
Use your increasing knowledge and vocabulary to describe which shapes you have used and where they are.
If it is appropriate,introduce horizontal and vertical to your vocabulary.
Use next to,on top of,beside,underneath,above to describe the position of the shapes.
That’s Maths Magic.

Tuesday the 7th of July – Pioneers Suggestions for Today

Take a look at my photographs.
Can you draw what you see?
Alternatively,make your own structure and draw it.
Get someone else to check how accurate you have been.
Can you add colour to your plan?
Can you name the shapes that you have used?

This book is all about birds and the different things they do.
Can you spot the line that may apply to penguins?
Why do you think that they have the kind of feet they have?
Why are they different to a seagull’s feet?

Sports day is coming up so this week I will suggest a different race each day to try out.
Today is my favourite and it is the potato and spoon race-much less risk than egg and spoon. Especially if you have dogs.
Get yourself a nice spoon and a potato but really any vegetable will do.
You could make a finish line and start to prepare the medals for each event.

This week is all about revision for phonics. Revisit yesterday’s photographs and take a look at these videos. Do them with the sound on and the sound off. – Mr Thorne again – This is a good one

And to finish off:

This might be a good idea to try out this very difficult job.
It is always a good idea to learn to tie your laces.

Friday the 3rd of July-Pioneers -Suggestions for Learning

Here are some wonderful phonics games to play today.

Take another look at this week’s Numberblocks episodes then have a go at this task.
Name the shape.
Is it a square or a rectangle?
Can you say why?
How many squares are covered up?
How do you know?
Can you say how you know?
Use the dotty paper to draw squares and rectangles of your own.

Theere is a little song for you to learn over on Tapestry. We have not sung this in school before. I can’t think why!
It is one of my favourite.
Enjoy. Hedgehogs have had a house so the Bees certainly need a cafe.
This video contains some ideas to help out the bees in your garden.
Just for fun.

Thursday the 2nd of July Pioneers,Have a Busy Day! – piano – Xylophone


Here are two versions of The Flight of the Bumble Bee for you to enjoy.
In the classroom the Pioneers had a baton or a conducting stick. You could use a pencil or a spoon to move to the music.

Take a look at the animation too. It is beautiful.

Here is a wonderful piece of music played on different instruments and a beautiful animation to accompany it.
Could you talk through what is going on as you watch the animation?
Try out using these words to retell the action:
And then
At the end

This is a wonderful game to play together online or on paper.
This will encourage your Pioneer to think carefully. This will need to be modeled first but I think they will begin to work out what to do next.

Now that you have got the hang of the square and it’s properties,take a look at the rectangle.

Make some rectangles on squared paper to match the Numberblocks.