Thursday the 9th of July – Pioneers Learning Suggestions

Find a selection of 3D shapes- cube,cuboid,sphere,cylinder.
Place them one at a time in a bag.
Ask your Pioneer to put their hand in and feel the shape and to describe what they feel.
Here are some words to try out –sharp, slopey, pointy, like a brick, arch, box.
Here is a list of mathematical shape language – corner, side, edge, flat, curved, rectangular, cylinder

Next,place a selection of shapes in the bag. Ask your Pioneer to bring out the shape with a curved surface or six flat faces or the one with rectangular faces.
This is tricky so you will need to model this.
Can your Pioneer ask the questions?
Happy Learning!

Make a collection of your toy animals. Look at my photographs.
What do you think these animals eat?
Can you say if they are a herbivore, a carnivore or an omnivore?
What do you know about the teeth of the animals in my pictures?
Could you sort the animals into groups depending on what they eat? Mr Thorne reads and blends for you. and a classic.

Go back through all of your Phase 3 soundmat and the words from Monday.
Reread yesterday’s reading book together.

Happy Phonics