Thursday 9th July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I hope you all had a good day yesterday,  At school, we spent the morning outside in the forest and caught up with our maths in the afternoon.
Today, we are hoping to see if our flowers and leaves have dried out that we collected and pressed last week. ??
Why is the Sky Blue? – English
Have a look at the pages attached.  They have used flaps to hide information from the reader, which are used to tell you the answers to the questions.
Today, we are going to link our questions wit art work and have a go at re-creating a lift-the-flap item to record the answer to a question.  You could use any of the questions that you have previously written down.  The ones about an object will obviously work best if you can re-create the object in paper with a hidden flap.
Happy crafting!
Area of a Parallelogram – Maths
We had a go at the area of a triangle yesterday.  Today, we are going to investigate the area of a parallelogram.
Floristry Thursday ?
Today, we are going to have a look at the flowers and leaves that you left to dry from last week. 
If you find they are dried out enough, I would like you to make a piece of artwork from them.  You might want to use the pieces to make a picture of something (like the person attached) or just make an arrangement of your dried objects.