Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I was sure the sun was going to put his hat on yesterday but I think he continued to hide throughout the day!!

I hope you have made some great plans to keep your ice cube frozen – take some time to collect the things that you have used in your design ready to make it at a later date.

Why is the Sky Blue? – English

You have probably heard the saying ‘that’s just the tip of the iceberg’ and possibly wondered what it means.

After looking at the page, what do you think this saying could mean?

We would think of people as icebergs with the tip representing all the visible things we can see straight away about someone with so many other things hidden underneath.

Today, think about someone you know well and think about them like an iceberg. What are the easily visible things which would represent the tip and what would be less visible and possibly hidden away that not everyone will see or know.

If you would like to, you could represent this with an annotated iceberg.

Area of Triangles – Maths

So far this week we have been looking at the area of 2d rectilinear shapes. Today, we are going to investigate finding the area of triangles.

Have a go at the questions below.

Sports – Get Moving

As we will be holding a virtual sports day next week I thought we would have a go at a fitness activity. A Samba carnival to invigorate us. ?