Thursday the 2nd of July Pioneers,Have a Busy Day! – piano – Xylophone


Here are two versions of The Flight of the Bumble Bee for you to enjoy.
In the classroom the Pioneers had a baton or a conducting stick. You could use a pencil or a spoon to move to the music.

Take a look at the animation too. It is beautiful.

Here is a wonderful piece of music played on different instruments and a beautiful animation to accompany it.
Could you talk through what is going on as you watch the animation?
Try out using these words to retell the action:
And then
At the end

This is a wonderful game to play together online or on paper.
This will encourage your Pioneer to think carefully. This will need to be modeled first but I think they will begin to work out what to do next.

Now that you have got the hang of the square and it’s properties,take a look at the rectangle.

Make some rectangles on squared paper to match the Numberblocks.