Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning, Discoverers,

I hope that you have a wonderful night’s sleep 😀

I am impressed with how well you are doing, when learning about angles.

Today, you are going to see if you agree with Ron’s thinking, and then try to spot the odd one out.

Look carefully at the evenly spaced dots on the second question, this will help you to answer.


Today, we are going to find out which plants bees prefer.

One way to help prevent bees from dying, is to make sure that there are enough of the plants they need.

Here is a website, which may help you to identify different plants: 

Today, I would like you to write a list of the plants that you have spotted bees using.

If you struggle to identify the plant, you could draw it or send me a picture, so we can figure it out together.


Today, you are going to draw the fish that you chose to write about yesterday.

Use the video from Monday, to help you remember the key parts, and use the picture on yesterday’s website to include the finer detail.

You can use this picture in your report.

Here is the video you used on Monday: 

Here is the website that you choose your fish from: 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Taylor