Wednesday the 8th of July – Happy Learning Pioneers!

Here is a new funny book for you to enjoy together.
Happy Reading

Here is your race to rehearse today:
Daddy penguins need to keep their egg safe. To do this they balance it on their feet and waddle around.
Get a Potato and pretend that this is your penguin egg. Can you walk around with it balanced like a caring daddy penguin?
Its tricky!


Penguins eat fish. Polar Bears eat seal.Rabbits nibble grass.
Food chains are fascinating.
This is another of my favourite songs explaining food chains.
Take a look.

Here are links to two excellent videos to explain who is eating who: Food Chains-an introduction

Today your building challenge is to recreate a famous landmark with your building material.
Use your increasing knowledge and vocabulary to describe which shapes you have used and where they are.
If it is appropriate,introduce horizontal and vertical to your vocabulary.
Use next to,on top of,beside,underneath,above to describe the position of the shapes.
That’s Maths Magic.