Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I hope you enjoyed investigating constellations yesterday.  Did you manage to spot any of them last night?  It has been pretty cloudy recently so are much easier to spot in clear skies.  You might want to try some of the activities in the stargazing book over the holidays.
I love looking up at the sky on a clear night and star gazing. ⭐️
Why is the Sky Blue? – English
Today, I’d like you to spend some time investigating penguins and see how much more information you can find out about them.
Once you have collected your information, have a go at writing a fact sheet.
Volume – Maths
So far this week, we have looked at the area and perimeter of 2d shapes.  The area inside a 3d shape is known as it’s volume. Remember that volume is measured in a cubic measurement.
Have a go at answering the questions.
How can you keep warm and dry? – Science/ D&T
It’s time to be inventive!
Usually, things that keep you warm could also keep you cold (if you were already cold).  We are going to test this theory – Using what you might have found out about penguins,  I would like you to design something that would keep an ice cube frozen for as long as possible.
To make this a bit more tricky, I would also like you to make this waterproof so that the water does not escape once melted.
When designing your object remember to think about the properties of materials and the things that you will be able to get hold of.
Don’t forget to put some ice cubes in the fridge so they’ll be ready to test your invention.