Monday the 13th of July -Have a Wonderful Day Pioneers!
This is an introduction to different teeth types in animals
And this next one is mainly humans:
And this is a fun one about types of teeth:

Take a look at your own teeth to identify the differences.
Do you have any missing?
Happy Learning.

Experiment with counting in 10’s and recognising what each number looks like.
Make the number using the 10 sticks.
Write the number and find it on the 100 square


Repeat this in a different order.
Give your Pioneer the 10 sticks image and ask them to write the number and find it
That’s Maths Magic

Thursday is the last day of term and we always have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.
Encourage your Pioneer to do some writing for the picnic.
Begin with an invitation to the toys that will be joining them.
On the photographs you will see suggested vocabulary that fits with the phonics they have experience of.
Happy Planning.