Egg Drop – A Story and a Challenge


Over on Tapestry ,You will find a video of Mrs Hann reading  a book called Egg Drop. It is the story of an egg who wanted to fly too soon. While still in the nest, all he thought of was soaring high above the clouds. But we all know,eggs can’t fly so this story does have a bit of a funny ending. 

Once you have listened to the story,you might like to have a go at the “Egg Drop Challenge”. Can you save the egg from breaking? 

Your challenge, should chose to accept it, is to design and make something to protect an egg when it is dropped.

Make it a family competition.
Get a grown up to help you.
Decide where you will drop your egg and from how high.
Remember this could be messy. A chocolate egg could also be used.
This website has lots of ideas to help you but as usual your ideas are always much better.

You could make certificates for the winners: Best Design, Safest Egg,Least Mess…

As always,we would love to see your photographs

Happy Learning,

Team Sleights