Friday 10th April

Hi there Discoverers and Leaders,

We have loved seeing your decorated eggs on Tapestry, they have been very creative and detailed. We’re looking forward to seeing more in the run up to Easter Sunday.

Your final task this week, is to build a den. Why is everything more exciting when it’s completed in a den? You can build it indoors or outdoors, and use things such as cushions, throws, sticks, chairs and even any cardboard you may have. It would be amazing if your whole family could fit inside, and perhaps enjoys a story together: You might like to read a story that you have written, or a book that you have at home. We can’t wait to see your creations! Here are some examples:

Lastly, well done for your efforts so far this week, and keep up with the fantastic job you’re doing on Sumdog, we love seeing how well you’re doing. 

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker