Thursday’s Learning Suggestion – Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Good Morning everybody,
The beautiful sunshine has been smiling at us this week, and after spending lots of time outdoors, I thought you might like to create a bird feeder. This will give you something wonderful to watch, as you look out of your window, or eat your lunch in the garden.
This bird feeder is very simple to create, and requires few materials. It also allows us to do some recycling: using any plastic bottles that are around the home. 
Here is the link to the video, which explains how to make the feeder, and exactly what you need. 
I have also included a written document, as you may find this easier to follow. 
Send us pictures of your bird feeders, and see if you can capture any birds in action. 
Have a wonderful day,
See you at story time
Mrs Taylor 

Who’s Poo? A Suggestion for Learning. Monday 25th of May

The weather is looking fine and many of you will be out in the garden. You may be able to see signs of wildlife where you live. One clue that something is living nearby is that itt might leave poo.All animals need food and water. All animals move and breathe. All animals excrete. That’s a cool science word for poo and wee.

Take a look at these fantastic links and take a closer look at poo. We can learn so much.
And a few you will not find in your back garden.

If you are interested then think about the language used to group and classify animals.
Can you find out what each of these words mean?
On the Plop Trump cards there is are symbols in the top corner( a leaf and a steak)
What do they mean?

Find out about the diet of an animal that interests you. The Dung Beetle really fascinates me.

Keep your eyes open for any evidence of wildlife when you are out and about.
Look. Don’t touch

Use your phonics to read the Plop Trump cards.
The photos are not to scale-look carefully at measurements. I suggest that you look at a ruler to check just how big the elephant poo is!

Happy Learning

Caterpillar Shoes and Funny Feet

Friday’s ideas are all about feet and they are fantastic.

Feet are great for counting in 1’s,2’s 5’s and 10’s.

Hop and Jump.

Feet are great for measuring

Compare your feet with your family.

Find something longer than your foot.  Find something shorter than your foot. Can yu find something the same length as your foot?

Get some paper and draw around your foot. Cut it out and use it to measure things.

Take a look at this beautiful little film.


Ask some foot questions:

How many shoes does a woodlouse need? What about a spider? Does a snail need shoes? What kind of shoes would a beetle like?


Take a look at this website for some wonderful animal feet.

Go outside with a basin of water. Get your feet wet and make patterns with your prints.

Pop over to Tapestry to see my videos for today.

Happy Learning

Team Sleights

Hop!Balance! Jump!

Now this is a wonderful suggestion for a chalk obstacle course that can be adapted to match the needs of the best balancer and the longest jumper. I am neither so I kept it very simple.

I got my chalk and drew some lines and symbols and made up some instructions for each area of my course. I had to include Hot Lava as this always features in Pioneer Play.

Here are some suggestions and pop over to Tapestry to see the video of my feet!

A straight line to balance on

A zig zag to step on

Dots to jump on.

A hopscotch

Use the features of your outside area too-don’t step on the cracks. Jump on drain covers.

Stay safe.

Happy Hopscotch

Egg Drop – A Story and a Challenge


Over on Tapestry ,You will find a video of Mrs Hann reading  a book called Egg Drop. It is the story of an egg who wanted to fly too soon. While still in the nest, all he thought of was soaring high above the clouds. But we all know,eggs can’t fly so this story does have a bit of a funny ending. 

Once you have listened to the story,you might like to have a go at the “Egg Drop Challenge”. Can you save the egg from breaking? 

Your challenge, should chose to accept it, is to design and make something to protect an egg when it is dropped.

Make it a family competition.
Get a grown up to help you.
Decide where you will drop your egg and from how high.
Remember this could be messy. A chocolate egg could also be used.
This website has lots of ideas to help you but as usual your ideas are always much better.

You could make certificates for the winners: Best Design, Safest Egg,Least Mess…

As always,we would love to see your photographs

Happy Learning,

Team Sleights

Wednesday 8th April – Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Good morning everyone.

The sun is shining again – what a beautiful day!

What a perfect day to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Take your favourite toys out into the fresh air, put down a blanket and share some snacks. You could even have a go making a Teddy Bear Sandwich (See Tapestry for more details).

While your outside, look around, what do you see? What is the weather doing today? Are there many clouds today?

Maybe, take some paper and colouring pencils outside and draw things you see, the sky, some flowers, trees or birds.

Sing the Teddy Bear’s Picnic Song while you’re enjoying the sunshine! – see link. Be warned once you start singing it, you cant stop!

Have fun and don’t forget to send us your videos, pictures and messages on Tapestry  and let us know whatever it is you’re doing today!

Look out for tonight’s story on Tapestry – 6pm don’t be late!

Keep smiling – Team Sleights

Good Morning 26th March 2020

Good Morning to you all. I hope that you enjoyed our stories yesterday. A new story will be on later today.

The sun is shining so I am sure that you will all want to take the opportunity to be outside looking for signs of spring and taking care of the worms. 

Here is a link to one of our favourite songs if you would like a little reminder. It is Micheal Rosen singing,” Threw It Out The Window…” Sing while you are digging.

This link will take you to a guide to help you identify signs of spring.


If you are spending time inside today you could have a look around your house to find any clocks. I had fun yesterday taking pictures of all of mine. You can send me pictures on Tapestry.

Have a play around with some fun online timers and let me know what you can do in 1 minute.

Have fun and stay safe.

Happy Learning

Mrs Hann

Daily Update 25th March 2020

Good Morning Happy People and thank you for all of your fantastic photographs. It is wonderful to see you all. The sun is shining again so its another wonderful day to get outside and play.

At this page,you will find a beautiful range of great things to try out from painting with flowers to making a band from your kitchen equipment. This is fun for all the family.

If you are on Facebook,search for Maria’s Mini Movers. Maria is an ex-pupil from Sleights C of E School and is now a Professional dancer. She is doing a free dance lesson three times a week and the video will remain on her page.

I will have Tapestry open all day so semd me a message and let me know if I can help.

Mrs Brown’s story was an epic last night so look out for another today.

Happy Learning

Mrs Hann