Thursday’s Learning Suggestion – Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Good Morning everybody,
The beautiful sunshine has been smiling at us this week, and after spending lots of time outdoors, I thought you might like to create a bird feeder. This will give you something wonderful to watch, as you look out of your window, or eat your lunch in the garden.
This bird feeder is very simple to create, and requires few materials. It also allows us to do some recycling: using any plastic bottles that are around the home. 
Here is the link to the video, which explains how to make the feeder, and exactly what you need. 
I have also included a written document, as you may find this easier to follow. 
Send us pictures of your bird feeders, and see if you can capture any birds in action. 
Have a wonderful day,
See you at story time 😄 
Mrs Taylor 

Who’s Poo? A Suggestion for Learning. Monday 25th of May

The weather is looking fine and many of you will be out in the garden. You may be able to see signs of wildlife where you live. One clue that something is living nearby is that itt might leave poo.All animals need food and water. All animals move and breathe. All animals excrete. That’s a cool science word for poo and wee.

Take a look at these fantastic links and take a closer look at poo. We can learn so much.
And a few you will not find in your back garden.

If you are interested then think about the language used to group and classify animals.
Can you find out what each of these words mean?
On the Plop Trump cards there is are symbols in the top corner( a leaf and a steak)
What do they mean?

Find out about the diet of an animal that interests you. The Dung Beetle really fascinates me.

Keep your eyes open for any evidence of wildlife when you are out and about.
Look. Don’t touch

Use your phonics to read the Plop Trump cards.
The photos are not to scale-look carefully at measurements. I suggest that you look at a ruler to check just how big the elephant poo is!

Happy Learning

It’s Friday – Hurray! 22nd May

Good morning Learners and families.

Yesterday was another sunny day, lets hope it lasts!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

Today, on Tapestry, I have set an extra fun task – seeing as its Friday – Pass The Water!

Also, in Maths there are some Key Skills to do today, just like we do in class.

In English, if you would like to, have a go at writing a poem about a flower today! See Mrs Browns example to help!

Also, in Art have a go at drawing or painting a flower of your choice – I have added some pictures from my daily walk yesterday!

Its Read-a-Book Friday again – so grab a book or go on Oxford Owl – make sure you keep up with your fantastic reading – it’s sooo important!

Enjoy the warm weather and the Bank Holiday Weekend – as much as you can!

Stay Safe and keep smiling 🙂

Best wishes as always,

Mrs Brown


Thursday’s News – 21st May

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all ok and that you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday!

Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows – (more details on Tapestry)

In Maths, we are looking a different ways to shade a shape using a certain fraction.

In English (I’m quite excited about this) we are going to have a go writing our own poem. This can be about whatever you choose. See Mrs Brown’s poem about Tractors.

In Phonics there is a consonant cluster challenge – our favourite!

In History, we have enjoyed learning about Queen Victoria so much in class, i thought I’d introduce you to Queen Elizabeth 1.

Have a good day whatever you do and keep me posted as always on Tapestry!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown


Sunny Wednesday – 20th May

Hi everyone, 

The sun has got his hat on today! hurray!

Here are some suggested learning activities you can do in the sun. Further details on Tapestry as usual.

Maths, talk about fractions today and see if you can answer Mrs Brown’s questions!

In English, I have declared it Talking in Rhyme Day! See how you get on! Talk in RHYME if you have TIME!

In Phonics, take your Phonics Mats outside in the sunshine and practise your sounds!

A fun game to play today in PE – Magic Beans – It’s such fun!

I have added the song  ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’ Sing and enjoy!

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing!

Sending you a sunny smile,

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown

Happy Tuesday – 19th May

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and happy today. The day has started a bit dull but set to improve and tomorrow is forecast to be areal scorcher!

Today’s suggested learning is as follows – further details on Tapestry.

In Maths, we will practise some Key Skills, just as we do everyday in Class. I have sneaked a couple of fractions questions in too!

In English, we will continue to look at poetry and Mrs Brown is asking today “what is your favourite poem”?

In Phonics, lets practise our sounds just as we do every day in our phonics lessons at school!

In RE we have really enjoyed learning about ‘what Jewish people believe’ We loved having out own Shabbat and making a Star of David. Watch the short video on Tapestry to see what you can remember! Talk about what you have learned with someone at home.

Please keep in touch whatever you are doing today – I love to hear from you!

Fingers crossed the sun will have his hat on tomorrow!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown


Hello Monday – 18th May

Good morning Learners and families.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Today, the suggested learning is as follows;-

In Maths, we will continue to look at fractions. I would like you to think abut the word fraction and what it means. There are some practical tasks on Tapestry today to help you visualise a whole, a half and a quarter.

In English, we will have fun with some rhyming words today!

In Phonics today (as you’ve worked so hard) have some fun on Phonics Play (remember to select Phase 5).

In Music a familiar song to sing together. One of our favourites from assembly!

Congratulate yourselves today on just how well you are doing! There are no rule books for times like these and I think you are all doing an amazing job! 

Stay in touch via Tapestry and keep me posted with whatever it is you are doing!

Sending you a smile 🙂

Mrs Brown


The Sun Has Got His Hat On – Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone, 

I hope you are all well. The sun has got his hat on today and it’s Friday! Hurray!

today’s suggested activities on Tapestry today are;-

In Maths, we are testing our fractions skills. Can we work out a half of a number and a quarter of a number? Plates to the ready!

In English, you did so well with your acrostic colour poems, lets have some fun today and write one using our names – see Mrs Brown’s as an example!

In Art today, we will create our very own colour/feelings board. We can keep it safe and talk to our family about how we feel using colour. I really enjoyed making mine!

I have declared today Read-a-Book Friday. So grab a book (or go on Oxford Owl) sit in the sun and enjoy reading your book! 

Keep sending me you messages and videos of what you are doing!

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will keep shining!

Keep smiling and maybe hug each other today too!

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown



Hello Learners – Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone,


I hope you are all ok. The sun is shining today!

Todays suggested learning on Tapestry today is as follows;-

In Maths, we will be finding a quarter of a number today. Using the same activity as Monday we will split the objects into 4 equal groups today!

In English, we will used the colour information we gathered yesterday to write a colour acrostic poem. There are easier and harder options to try! Don’t rush this is will take some thought!

In phonics today we will look at the split diagraph o-e, as in the words home, nose and cone.

Let’s do some PE today as the sun is shining! Let’s practise our throwing and catching skills! You can use a ball, an apple, a teddy or a rolled up pair of socks! There are some video clips to practise throwing techniques or just to play some fun games! Enjoy!

It is lovely to hear from you whether you are doing these activities or creating your own!

Please keep in touch! (keep smiling)

Best wishes, 

Mrs Brown


It’s Wednesday – 13th May

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are al ok today!

Today’s suggested learning – details on tapestry – is as follows:-

In Maths today, we are are going to test our skills of how well we can spot a half! We should be experts by now! Remember a shape needs 2 EQUAL parts to be in half!

In English, we are collecting some colour information, in order to write our Acrostic Colour Poems tomorrow! I think you will enjoy this task today!

In Phonics, we will carry on with split diagraphs and focus on the i-e sound – there’s a fun sound spotting activity to do!

Last week in Geography, we researched continents and found out all about them. Today, we will investigate oceans – see if you can answer Mrs Brown’s questions about oceans today!

I think the weather is set to improve soon and the warm sun will return! 

In the meantime, keep busy and keep being kind to each other and keep smiling 🙂

I am missing you all,

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown