Monday’s News – 13th July

Good morning everyone!
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Its the last week of term – goodness, how did that go so quick?
We will be letting you know in the next day or two how we are organising the collection of Reports!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- See Tapestry for more details!
In English this week we will be looking at a different picture each day to encourage our picture talk and our imagination. This in turn will help our writing skills!
In Maths we will be looking at lines of symmetry! Have fun with this! How good at you at getting the opposite side exactly right!
In Music today, there are some songs to enjoy! Mrs Brown loves a Musical so today let’s enjoy some songs from The Lion King!
Keep reading each day and keep writing in your Reading Diary!
I hope I will be able to see you and give you a wave as you collect your Reports this week!
Best wishes and keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

PS Don’t forget tonight’s story at 6pm on Tapestry!