Monday 13th July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Can you believe it? – It’s the last week of term!!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you are ready to join us for our final activities of the school year.

New Horizons – English
It is our last week of term which means that everyone’s mind will now be turning towards the next challenge on the horizon. 
For year 6, that will be the next step in their education and a change of school which, in turn, will mean a much bigger group of children.  For Year 5, that will be thinking about being the oldest children in school and possibly what school will look like in September.
I would like you to take this opportunity to look both forwards and back – think about all the good things and fun times over the last year and then think about the challenges you are looking forward to facing.
You could choose to discuss these or possible write them in a table or on two sides of a set of scales.
Money – Maths
Look on tapestry to help the Year 6 children work our how much each activity will cost per child.
Homophone Hunt
There are many homophones that can sometimes get confused.  Have a go at this game to help you investigate the correct spellings.