Tuesday’s News – 14th July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well!

Please note: Reports are ready to collect from the School Office as of today. Please come to the Office where a member of staff will be there to hand over your child’s report!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- more details on Tapestry!
In English, we will looking at a new picture in Once Upon A Picture. Take some time to discuss the possibilities within the picture!
In Maths, we will be having fun with repeated patterns – can you make your own too?
In Design and Technology we will be looking at some sources of energy – this is most interesting!
Remember to keep reading a little daily and writing in your Reading Diary!
Keep in touch with me as always!
Keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Hello Discoverers,

Today, in English, I would like you to create a front cover for the story you are going to write.

Use your plan, to help you design your cover.

You may decide to use the characters from your story on the front, or you may wish to leave the reader guessing, and put something which only hints towards the story’s plot.

It is always best to design your cover using pencil, which allows for changes to be made if they are needed.

Then, you might like to add colour.


Today’s maths question requires you to use your maths book or squared paper, and a colouring pencil/ pencil.

Use six squares in your book, to create shapes which are symmetrical.

If you want to check that they are symmetrical, you can cut them out and try folding them. If the sides then match, your shape has at least one symmetrical line.


Today in science, we are continuing to learn about nocturnal animals.

Visit yesterday’s website, and scroll down to the section which is titled: Night Creatures.


Scroll through the selection of twenty two nocturnal animals, and choose one which you will research throughout this week.

Today, using the image on this website, and any other images you find through research, draw your chosen animal and learn its features.

Have a great Tuesday all, 

Mrs Taylor 

Tuesday the 14th of July – Have a Lovely Day Pioneers.


Here is a little song for you to learn to remind you to look after your teeth.
Perhaps you could write your own words!

Write a menu for the picnic.
On the photograph is a list of words that your Pioneer may be able to spell.
Once you have come up with an initial list add adjectives to add detail.


While you watch the episode,pause and write the number sentences.
Make each one up using the pieces on the app website below.


Have a number square at hand and ask your Pioneer to find the numbers you are looking at.
How many different ways can you make 50,using 10’s?
Set the sticks out on the app and write the number sentences.
Use the Numberblocks episode to help out.

Monday 13th July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Can you believe it? – It’s the last week of term!!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you are ready to join us for our final activities of the school year.

New Horizons – English
It is our last week of term which means that everyone’s mind will now be turning towards the next challenge on the horizon. 
For year 6, that will be the next step in their education and a change of school which, in turn, will mean a much bigger group of children.  For Year 5, that will be thinking about being the oldest children in school and possibly what school will look like in September.
I would like you to take this opportunity to look both forwards and back – think about all the good things and fun times over the last year and then think about the challenges you are looking forward to facing.
You could choose to discuss these or possible write them in a table or on two sides of a set of scales.
Money – Maths
Look on tapestry to help the Year 6 children work our how much each activity will cost per child.
Homophone Hunt
There are many homophones that can sometimes get confused.  Have a go at this game to help you investigate the correct spellings.

Monday’s News – 13th July

Good morning everyone!
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Its the last week of term – goodness, how did that go so quick?
We will be letting you know in the next day or two how we are organising the collection of Reports!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- See Tapestry for more details!
In English this week we will be looking at a different picture each day to encourage our picture talk and our imagination. This in turn will help our writing skills!
In Maths we will be looking at lines of symmetry! Have fun with this! How good at you at getting the opposite side exactly right!
In Music today, there are some songs to enjoy! Mrs Brown loves a Musical so today let’s enjoy some songs from The Lion King!
Keep reading each day and keep writing in your Reading Diary!
I hope I will be able to see you and give you a wave as you collect your Reports this week!
Best wishes and keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

PS Don’t forget tonight’s story at 6pm on Tapestry!

Monday 13th July 2020

Happy last week, Discoverers,

I thought it would be nice to do something different in our final week.

In English, I would like you to use your imagination, and work on writing a narrative.

We have been learning lots about animals during our home-learning , particularly bees and fish most recently, so I thought it would be nice to round off this time by writing a story about an animal of your choice.

You can use your imagination, and write about any animal you wish, and your story can be about anything.

Today, I would like you to plan your story.

You will need to think about which characters will be in it, as well as where the story will be set, and finally, the actual plot.

Try to make notes about what will happen during the beginning, middle and end. This will help when you come to write your story.


In maths this week, we are also moving on, and will be learning about symmetry.

Today, I have a set of questions for you which all relate to symmetry.

First, you can watch this video to help you understand what symmetry is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFzktJNmnPU 

For the first question, draw the shapes on a piece of paper, or print the question out and cut the shapes, so that you can fold their lines of symmetry.

For the second question, draw the table in your maths book, and draw the shapes in the correct sections.

For the final question, you will need to print it out, or redraw the shapes so that you can cut them out and fold the lines of symmetry.


We are going to be learning about nocturnal animals in our final week.

I have a brilliant website for you to look at, where you can learn so much about these amazing animals: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/reference/nocturnal-animals-explained/ 

Today, read through the information on this website, and write a list of all the things that are different about nocturnal animals.

Have a great Monday, 

Mrs Taylor 


Monday the 13th of July -Have a Wonderful Day Pioneers!

This is an introduction to different teeth types in animals
And this next one is mainly humans:
And this is a fun one about types of teeth:

Take a look at your own teeth to identify the differences.
Do you have any missing?
Happy Learning.


Experiment with counting in 10’s and recognising what each number looks like.
Make the number using the 10 sticks.
Write the number and find it on the 100 square


Repeat this in a different order.
Give your Pioneer the 10 sticks image and ask them to write the number and find it
That’s Maths Magic

Thursday is the last day of term and we always have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.
Encourage your Pioneer to do some writing for the picnic.
Begin with an invitation to the toys that will be joining them.
On the photographs you will see suggested vocabulary that fits with the phonics they have experience of.
Happy Planning.

Thursday’s News – 9th July

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well today!

Today’s suggested Home Learning activities are as follows;- More details on Tapestry!
The question from our book today is ‘Why do stars twinkle?’
In English, we will be thinking about the Nursery Rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and looking closely at rhyming words.
In Maths, there are some time games to enjoy!
In preparation for Sports Day, (look out for tomorrows post) we will be warming our bodies up ready!
Don’t forget to read a little today and keep writing in your Reading diary this week!
Let me know how you are getting on with the Virtual Summer Reading Challenge too!
Have a lovely day and keep smiling as always 🙂
Best wishes,
Mrs Brown

Thursday 9th July 2020

Good morning, Discoverers,

How are you feeling after your PE session yesterday? Are you aching?

Hopefully you are feeling ready to practise more PE today 😄

In English, you are going to finish writing your information paragraphs, which you started yesterday.

Summarise the paragraphs into your own words, and capture the main points.

Then, draw and colour some relevant pictures, in the spaces you drew on Monday.

As tomorrow will be sports day, there won’t be an English task put on here for you.

Feel free to send me your finished reports. I’m excited to see what you have created 😀


In maths today, you are continuing to learn about four-sided shapes: quadrilaterals.

I would like you to complete the table, drawing or writing the name of the quadrilateral which fits into each box.

You only need to draw one shape in each section, and try not to be tricked, there may be one box in which no quadrilateral can fit.

Good luck 😄


In PE today, I would like you to prepare a practise sports day for you and your family.

This will get you warmed up, ready for the virtual sports day which the year six children have prepared for you tomorrow.

Use any activities you like, you may invent some new ones of your own, and most importantly, have fun!


Remember, year 6’s will put on their sports day post for tomorrow,

I hope you have so much fun! Send me lots of pictures if you can 😀

Mrs Taylor