March 24th 2020 A Good Day To Dig For Worms

Good Morning Pioneers and Explorers,

I think it would be a good day today to dig for worms. Worms are fascinating and digging for worms is always a popular  Pioneer passtime.  I have posted a link to help you identify the different parts of a worm and the different types of worm. If you find any good ones please send me some pictures on Tapestry.

With new updates from the government it is essential that we all stay home to stay safe. 

The chest at the front of school will continue to be filled and is a wonderful resource for us.

Happy Learning

Team Sleights

Happy Monday, Discoverers!

Hello, Discoverers. I am missing you at school, but pleased that you are all keeping safe at home. I am working in school with a number of children. We are have been busy making things and will work on the computers this afternoon.

I have heard there is a really fun exercise class each day on YouTube by the Body Coach. Why don’t you have a go at that this week? 

I will ring your families this week to check in on how you all are.

Take care, 

Mrs Taylor 

Good Morning Adventurers

Hello Adventurers and Parents,

I hope you are all well and managing some of the home learning we sent out to you last week as well as having fun with other activities.

We have also created some SumDog challenges for you to try or you can visit some of the links for different learning websites.

We are hoping to contact you all shortly so we can keep in touch.

Take care

Mrs Roe

Good morning Learners!

Good morning Learners…..Mrs Brown here. I hope you are all ok! Make sure you use your Home Learning Pack to keep busy and check the links on the Home page. I will be checking on you all regularly so you can keep in touch with me and let me know how you are. Keep smiling….. from Mrs Brown.

Daily Update-23rd March 2020

Good Morning All,

We hope that you are all well. Thank you to everyone who has made contact with school today. In a strange turn of events,the school has no internet at the moment so if you have any needs please contact Mr Grason using the school telephone number or those of you who have Tapestry can send a message that way.

Class Teachers will continue to update the blog.

Team Sleights.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning Leaders

This is our first week of learning from home.  I am going to join Joe Wicks at 9am every weekday morning and I would love you to join me – we can all be active together!  Please follow the link

Remember to try and complete some of your activities each day, little and often is the way to go.  It is also important that you spend time with your families: play that board game that has been hiding under the bed; make your lunch or tea together to practise your cooking skills and try and get some time outside in your gardens whilst the weather is nice.

More importantly, stay safe and healthy.