Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Learners and good morning Adventurers!

It is Thursday (already!) we hope you are all well and happy this morning!

We have decided to team up today in some activities with a common theme……RAINBOWS.

Here are some suggested activities for you today (See Tapestry for further details).

  • Maths/colour – Go on a colour hunt around your home and garden. Can you find some objects that match the colours in Mrs   Brown’s song?
  • Draw a beautiful rainbow in your purple book. Tell and write a story about a magic rainbow or make a list of the colours you have used.
  • Phonics (Learners Class) – sound buttons today. Keep practising!
  • Music – A new song to learn – I Can Sing a Rainbow. Will anyone be able to sing it back to us on Tapestry?
  • Also, as we didn’t make it on our trip Ryedale Folk Museum have sent us an exciting link to A Museum From Home. Check it out, here’s the link

Keep us posted whatever you’re doing today and look out for rainbows!

Mrs Roe and Mrs Brown