Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Discoverers,

After completing your bar chart yesterday, today I would like you to start a new task, related to time and statistics. I would love you to create an obstacle course for you and your family. It can be as long or as short as you like, and you will need to time everybody’s performance. Record names and timings within a table as we will use this information tomorrow. 

Now that you have created your meal or snack for your family, I would like you to finalise your instructions. Yesterday, you were able to determine if any changes needed to be made to your original writing. Today, I would like you to make the changes that are needed, and then write up your finalised set of instructions. I would love to see the results on Tapestry, so that I can try out your instructions for myself. 

You have now finished writing your clues for your treasure hunt. Today, place the clues in your hiding places and hand the first one to your family. Watch them try to find the treasure, and check out if they manage to get the clues quickly, or if they struggle because you’ve been so cryptic. 

Good luck,

Mrs Taylor