Thursday 2nd April 2020

I’m so pleased to see you’re beginning to share exciting things on Tapestry.  I’d like to set a challenge for anyone who has not yet posted to have a go today.    This could be a message, a photo, a video or even just a reply to this message.  Let’s see if we can get everyone involved. If you haven’t yet signed up please send an e-mail to Mr Grason to join.
English – you should have given someone your instructions to try yesterday.  Did they work?  Had you missed anything out?  I would like you to use today to make any changes that you may have needed and check that your steps all include imperative verbs.
Maths – as the weather is nice again today, we are going to mix our time and science together.  I’d like you to all go out for a walk today and measure your heart rate every 4 minutes (you might need to take a paper and pencil to record your results) for the duration of your walk.  Once you have returned home, use your results to produce a line graph recording your results.
Topic – if you have collected some resources, have a go at making your Victorian light from your design.
Get our for some fresh air and I look forward to seeing your results.
Happy recording.
Mrs Walker