Hello Learners and hello April!

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and happy!

I was so impressed with the caves you made for you bears yesterday. Your bears looked so cosy inside!

Here are some suggested activities to try today (See Tapestry for further information on each one).

  •  Still thinking about ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, can you write some instructions of how to get to the bears cave. Start your sentences with words like First, Next, After that……
  •  There is a fun maths/memory game to try! We loved this in my house yesterday!
  •  Phonics – Eva spotted the split diagraph a-e sound on her walk yesterday (clever girl Eva) it was in the word Iburndale and again in Lane. Can you spot some more today. (see document on Tapestry).
  •  History – We are loving learning about Victorians in our class, today can you draw, paint or even build a Victorian house.

Keep smiling whatever you’re doing today and keep me posted as always!

(See you at Storytime at 6pm) Mrs Brown