Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning, Welcome to a new month!

It’s been lovely to see all the wonderful activities you are doing at home and for us to be able to talk about them on Tapestry.

We have a new classroom Adventurers!

Are you ready for three new tasks? If you would like to give them a try, here they are:

Maths – as it’s the 1st April today I thought it would be nice to create our own calendar and mark on some special events for this month.

English – Exciting news! Try out your treasure trail with your families today then write a set of instructions so they can make you a treasure trail to follow.

Science – as we are surrounded by all the lovely features of springtime I thought a spring scavenger hunt would be good fun.

You will find more details about these activities on Tapestry and I hope you have a super day whatever you do.

Take care

Mrs Roe