Wednesday 1st April

Happy 1st April Discoverers, 

I was so impressed with the work that you showed me on Tapestry yesterday. I love how some of you were so eager to complete the work, that you’re ahead of schedule and have already completed your bar chart. So today in maths, please can you use your table that you created yesterday, and record these results within a bar graph. Alex has added a great example to Tapestry if you need an idea. If you are ready to move on, please spend some time on Sumdog.

Today is baking/ cooking day, and in English you should now be ready to create the meal or snack for your family. I would like you to use your instructions that you wrote yesterday, and try them out. Make notes as you go, if you need to make any changes within your writing. Upload pictures of your results to tapestry: Scarlett created a lovely lunch for her family yesterday, feel free to check it out for yourself. 

You’re almost ready to hold your very own treasure hunt. On separate pieces of paper, write each of your clues out and number them so that they are in the order your family should find them. If you need an idea of clues, here are mine:

Let me know if you need any help,

Mrs Taylor