Wednesday the 24th of June 2020- Suggestions for Pioneers.

Count the strawberries on the plate.
Count the ponies in each photograph.
How many strawberries can each pony have?
Can you make it fair?
You can draw pictures.
You can write number sentences.
That’s maths magic!


“I went on a trip. I put my things in a brown bag. I am sure I forgot stuff. I checked my list…
In my brown bag I put…”

In the story “Rain Before Rainbows” there is a line about going on a wonderful journey.
If you were going on a journey you would need to pack a bag.
What would you take with you to go on a trip?

Look at the tings that I have packed in my brown bag. Can you list all the things.
You could use my sentence starter to play the memory game.
Are all the things that were in the bag on the 2nd photograph?
Is there anything missing?
Is anythiing differemt?
You can write a list or some sentences.


Here is you phonics suggestion for today. Revise the sounds from Monday and Tuesday and add in todays which is “ar” Flash cards Geraldine

Enjoy the sunshine.