Wednesday News – 10th June

Hello Learners and families,

I hope you are all ok today! It’s a rainy day, but that’s ok as the warm weather will return soon!

Today’s suggested learning on Tapestry is as follows:-

In Maths, we will try our hand at some Place Value Code Breaking! Will you crack the codes?

In English, still focusing on our beautiful book ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ and the language used, we will think of pairs of things that go together one after the other ie rain before rainbows, clouds before sun.

We will do some Tricky Word spotting in Phonics today!

In Music, a musical storm to listen to and enjoy – perhaps you could make a rain stick today too?

Keep smiling whatever you are doing today. A great day to make an inside den!

Keep in touch as always,

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown