Good Morning Adventurers – welcome to Wednesday!

We’ve woken up to rain clouds again and a grey day but I’m sure we can still have a sunny day!

We might even see a rainbow!

Thank you for posting all your super work, comments and photos on Tapestry. It certainly brightens up my day!

Today’s activities, if you wish to try them include: (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – Practise the letter ‘Oo’

English – based on the text ‘Rain Before Rainbows’, get your paints out to create day and night paintings then think of words to describe day and night to write a descriptive sentence. I know some of you might want to include some animals we might see at night.

Join me for some shared reading ‘Slinki Malinki’ by Lynley Dodd.

Maths – Key Skills for Year 2 and Year 3 then go on a 3D shape hunt and name the shapes you find.

Art – create your night and day paintings.

Geography – continue your leaflet on a country of your choice.

I hope you manage to enjoy your day and have fun with your learning.

Mrs Roe