Useful Website To Support Learning

Below you will find a list of fantastic websites to support you and your family in their learning.

These websites can be used by all learners.

This website has lots of fun maths gadgets to play around with. Look out for dice,clocks and geoboards.

Which One Doesn’t Belong? Have a chat about the shapes and numbers and patterns. Do you agree about which is the odd one out?

Make number sentences and move 100’s,10’s and 1’s.

This is only a trial version but you can do a lot of counting in 2 minutes!

A List of Numberblocks episodes and powerpoints.

An interactive Numberline-write,draw,count.

A wonderful rich collection of videos and ideas-really great stuff

A collection of interactive Learning resources.

A wealth of science discovery

Watch a selection of Orchestra perform major music masterpieces.

A fine selection of stories for any time of the day

Games to play to support learning. Follow the link and find your age range. Suitable for all.

Follow the link and select your age range. Suitable for all.

Active quick blast maths and literacy activities to keep us physically well-interval training  and yoga.

Happy Learning All