Tuesday the 30th of June – Pioneers,Here are your Suggestions for Learning


Maddie Moate has a wonderful collection of science videos and one of her passions is Beekeeping.
Take a look. There are some amazing facts to collect.

Use the question words again when watching the video. It goes hand in hand with the Bee book.

Once you have listened to The Bee book and watched Maddie Moate’s videos have a try at some Bee Reading and Writing.
I have written a short text which you can read together,learn and write.
You could try a short story map to go with it.
Discuss pairs.
The bee has 3 pairs of legs,2 pairs of wings and 1 pair of eyes and antennae.
This is another opportunity for counting in twos
Happy Learning



Here are two videos to watch to get going on your shape work.
I have also attached a vocabulary list for you.

The Tangram is a fun mathematical puzzle which allows comparison and conversation about shape and measure.

A set of shapes has five pieces.
First, make a square using four pieces.
Then, make a square using all five pieces.

Then add another set of five pieces (so now there are ten) and make a square with all of them.

If you have Flash Player then there is an online version here too.

And there is also a 7 piece Tangram set to have a go with.

See Tapestry for Tangram pieces.