Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good morning, Discoverers,

How are you all feeling today?

In maths, we are continuing to learn about angles.

Use what you learned yesterday, to help you figure out who is correct in today’s first question.

For your second question, you need to add together the largest acute angle (less than 90 degrees) and the smallest obtuse angle (bigger than 90 degrees).


Today in English, we are learning more about bees.

I have uploaded some information for you, which explains a little bit about why bees are so important.

Did you know that without bees, we wouldn’t have around a third of the foods that we eat, including apples and strawberries?

Today, I would like you to look at the list of foods and write down all of the ones that you eat, then tell me how many foods you wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for bees pollinating them.

Yesterday, in science, you drew and labelled a fish.

Today, you are going to learn some fun facts about them.

Here is a website with many facts for you to learn: https://www.coolkidfacts.com/fish-facts/ 

I have also added a picture of some more facts that aren’t covered on the website.

It would be great if you could compile the most interesting facts, and teach somebody in your home about them.

Did they already know any of your facts?

Have a great day everybody,

Mrs Taylor