Tuesday News!

Good morning everyone!

Learners, today is the last day of March. What month will it be tomorrow? Sing the months of the year song and see if you can figure it out!

Below, are some suggested activities you might like to do today (see Tapestry for further details).

  •  Thinking about the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, have a go making a cave/den for your own special bear! When I was young I  used to put a sheet over the kitchen table and make a den underneath! After that, you could write some instructions in your purple book to tell others how you did it.
  •  Phonics “ou” sound – watch Mr Thorne and Geraldine (further details on Tapestry)- They are always so much fun!
  •  Record your daily routine today – Check your clock and tell me what you are doing and when today!
  •  Science – We’re going on a materials hunt!

Remember these are just suggestions. Keep in touch with me and send me your pictures/videos of whatever it is you do today!

Don’t forget to tune in on Tapestry at 6pm for tonight’s story!

Sending you a smile 🙂    Mrs Brown