Once Upon A Tuesday…

Good Morning Pioneers, 

I hope that you enjoyed the stories and the suggestions yesterday. I certainly loved getting the replies and seeing your pictures too.

Today,I am sending you a link to one of our favourite maths things. I would like you to play with it and then show it to your grown up.

Get some small pieces of paper.

Write number 1-10 or up to 20 if you like.. Use numbers to suit you.

Find a magic hat.(All hats are magic) Put the numbers in the hat. Pull one out.

Here is what I would like you to try, make numbers on the number frame and ask your grown up,” What is 1 more than…?” and then,”What is one less than…?” 

Take turns to write the number. Remember you can use Ladybirds to fill the number frame too. Play with the colours


There is a number square in your school pack. Find the number on the square and colour it in


That’s Maths Magic as we say in Pioneers.