Tuesday 31st March 2020

Morning Leaders.

Thank you to those who have started sharing their work through Tapestry, it has been brilliant to see.  If you haven’t already you can still sign up by sending an e-mail to Mr Grason – it would be fantastic to see everyone there so that we can keep in touch.

English – if you had a go at carrying out a task yesterday, have a go at writing instructions for that task today.

Maths – look at your timetable and see if you can answer these questions:

Which is the longest activity and how long does it last?

Which is the shortest activity and how long does it last?

How many hours and minutes is it from getting up to going to bed?

Challenge – If you got up half an hour earlier each day until Friday, how many hours and minutes would it be then from getting up to going to bed?

Topic – There seems to be some love of cooking and baking at the moment so I though it might be nice to share a bun recipe.  Have a go at baking buns with your family and decorate however you can.  http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/28455/plain-buns-with-icing.aspx Take a picture and upload it – I’d love to see your creations.

Happy baking.

Mrs Walker