Thursday’s News – 18th June

Good morning Learners and families!
How are you all today?
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows:-
In Maths, we will be using our money skills to have a go at some money word problems.
In English, we are thinking about the line from our book ‘A rope to hold on and treasure to find’. What are the treasures in your life and what treasures have you yet to find?
In Phonics, using our Phonics Sound Mats, we are looking for like-sounding sounds.
In Art today, still thinking about our book and the line ‘treasure to find’, we will focus on one of the beautiful illustrations and try to create a collage or a painting/drawing that is similar.

Keep in touch with me as always, I am always interested in what you are doing!
Keep smiling 🙂
Mrs Brown


English – A rope to hold onto and treasure to find

In our story, the people we care about are referred to as ‘A rope to hold on to’. Yesterday we talked about the people we could think of who were courageous and kind.
The story mentions that in the future we will have treasure to find……..
What do you think this means?
What are the things in your life that you treasure the most? And what treasure might you yet discover?
It might not just be people, it could be things that you love to see, such as the sea or animals or even something you would like to do in the future like travel to another country or ride a horse.

What will your treasure include?


Phonics – Like-sounded sounds

Today, I would like you to group together like-sounded sounds – using both of your phonics mats (I’ve attached some more if you you have mis-placed your own)

you could even write out the sounds and group the sounds that are the same – or even write a list.

For instance ‘igh’ and ‘ie’ are like-sounded sounds.
Can you find any others that are the same?


Art – Treasure to find

Today in art I would like you to look at page 24-25 of our book Rain Before Rainbows;- Here’s the link again ;- 

I would like you to create a picture today that is similar – you can copy the picture in the book if you would like. It is a picture that shows a new day and the rising of the sun and new hope.

you could make a collage with bits of paper/material, you could paint or you could draw. You could even use a mixture of all three.

I can’t wait to see your creations.


Money word problems

We have been getting more familiar with coins this week and have added different coin amounts together.
We have also been shopkeepers for the day, which was lots of fun!

Today we are going to use all our money skills to answer some money word problems – see photo below.
Remember to take your time when you are doing word problems, you may even have to read the problem twice.
Good luck!