Thursday 18th June 2020

Good morning, Leaders,

Let’s hope the mist clears early today and we get to see some sunshine.??

It’s getting to the end of the first week back at school for some children. They have been learning alongside everyone at home, completing their activities in the classroom.

I have planted some mixed lettuce seeds in a pot outside the kitchen and I know that lots of you have also been planting, both flowers and vegetables. It would be lovely to see how they are getting on. Try and take a picture of your plants and upload it to Tapestry – I bet the rain has made them grown quickly. ???


English – Rain Before Rainbows

‘A map to guide us’

Today, I’d like you to use a story map template although, rather than a story plan, I’d like like you to think about making a map/story plan of your hopes and dreams.

You might want to make this cover your life or just the next few weeks, the timescale is up to you. Think carefully about the order in which you would like your events to happen.

What is going to be your ‘treasure’ at the end of your map?

Happy mapping.


Maths – Proportion/ Ratio

We now know that ratio is the relationship between two quantities.
Proportion is the a subset of this, proportion tells us about a portion or part in relation to a whole.

Have a go at the proportion questions in the pictures.



At school, we have looked at the life cycle of a human. This is a bit of a re-cap lesson with an investigation about the elasticity of skin.

You will need:

a ruler and different sized elastic bands.  – You will need to choose lesson number 4 – Human Lifecycles