Thursday the 18th of June-Happy Learning for Pioneers!

Lots and lots of great maths suggestions for you today relating to counting in 5’s
Her is a Worksheet to look at together and discuss.

The counting stick is great to support counting in 5’s too.

Take a look at the photographs and talk about the bubble questions.
This is maths magic! Owls hunt in the dark. Take a look. Hedgehogs too.

This link takes you to a selection of clips of hedgehogs in the dark.

These are two of my favourite nocturnal animals. It is unlikely that we are able to catch them feeding in the daytime.
Why might that be?
Do you have things in your garden that a hedgehog might fancy for dinner?

Have a read of the fascinating hedgehog facts.
Could youdo anything to help a hedgehog in your garden?

Read the sentences in the photographs.
Have your Phase 4 sound mat close by.
Can you spot the sounds in the sentences on your sound mat?
Can you spot any of the sounds on the sound mat in your sentences?
If you want an extra challenge open the document attached and you will find lots more.
Happy Reading