Thursday’s Happy Learning for Pioneers

Get comfy!
This is not Mr Wolf’s Week but it is a peak into the world of the teachers in Explorers,Pioneers and Learners.
We wanted to let you see what they get up to from day to day. It is very special and we hope that you enjoy it.
You could have a go at making up a similar story for your family.
Share. Read. Enjoy.


Happy ReadingThis suggestion for learning is a a bit like Monday’s Days of the Week Suggestion.
There’s lots of ideas here to do with the months of the week.
Write out the months on postits.
Can you recognise and read each month?
Try this out:This month is……………..
Next month will be …………….
Last month was ………………..
The first month of the year is….
The last month is…….
My birthday is in …….
Christmas is in……………………….
This may lead on to chat about seasons.
That might be tricky.
Use the words for handwriting. Your Pioneer will spot the use of capital letters and see the difference in size when used together with the lowercase.
Use a selection of capital letters and ask your Pioneer to match the correct one with the correct month.
The spelling is very tricky. If they want to try writing them by themselves then that is great too.
Count the months.
Have a go at putting the months of the year in order
Here is a little rap to help you out.

This one is quite complex with lots of extra information and it is catchy. Enjoy

Here is the next episode of Mr Wolf’s Week written using phonics the Pioneers can use for reading and writing.
Try out making and discussing weather symbols.
Take a look at the weather forecast for some ideas.

This link allows you to pretend being a Weather Presenter. We have used it before in the classroom
Have fun.