Thursday 4th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Oh dear – where did the sunshine go, I wonder? Let’s hope it returns soon although our gardens will be glad of the rain and I know that lots of you have been planting so keep an eye on how quickly the water will make things grow. With water in mind, ? I thought we’d have a go at something water based this afternoon – can’t wait to see your creations.

Maybe we could have our own boat race!

Graphic Novel – English

Continue working on your graphic novel so that you have a complete story by Friday.

Happy drawing. ✏️

Function Machines – Maths

Today, we are going to include algebraic expressions in our function machines. This may sound difficult but it’s not!

You are just going to use ‘n’ to express your number, which means that ‘n’ can stand for any number that you decide to use to put through the function machines.


Rubber band Boats

Have a go at making a boat propelled by a rubber band. You should be able to attach the sticks enough without necessarily needing glue if you use more rubber bands. If you don’t have spoons, see what else you could use to propel your boat; strong card or plastic from a carton


How fast can you make your boat travel? Which is the best design bottle to choose?