Thursday 4th June 2020

Good morning Discoverers,

You’re working really well this week, keep it up and well done! 

In English today, you are going to use everything you have learned so far, about a Victorian child’s school day, and begin to write your diary entry, as if you were the Victorian child. 

It would be great if you could include some of the activities that you wrote on Monday, and include some emotions that you were writing on Tuesday. Yesterday may have helped to plan how you might structure your diary, and what you may talk about first.

For today, simply focus on the morning of your day at school, and we can write the afternoon part tomorrow. 

I have included some examples of things that you may want to include, as these are typical features that are usually included within a diary entry. 


Here is the answer for yesterday’s maths problem. Did you manage to answer this correctly? Well done!

Today, I have another one for you. This time, you have to decide if you agree with Mo, or not. 

The only clue I will give you to answer this problem is: remember to check how many beads there are altogether.

Good luck!

I have been so impressed with your science work this week. You have included lots of detail, and learned tricky, new vocabulary, well done 😀

Today we are moving on to looking at the pollination process. 

I would like you to watch the video on the usual link, it is called: What is pollination and how does it work?

Then, it would be great if you could create a cycle, a little like my example, which includes the different steps within the pollination process. 

Have another fantastic day,

Mrs Taylor