Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello Discoverers,

I hope you had a lovely day yesterday, your posters are looking fab!

In English, over today and tomorrow, it would be great if you could write a setting description to describe the setting that you drew yesterday. A setting description usually consists of one or two paragraphs, using many adjectives, similes and metaphors, to describe where a story is taking place. 


For maths, I have uploaded the answers to yesterday’s questions, but also I have included your questions for today and tomorrow. I will reveal their answers on Monday. Remember, read the questions slowly and carefully, making notes with key information to help you work out the answer. 


In French, it would be great if you could create the remaining four posters, over today and tomorrow. You have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday left to covert, and create posters for.

Why don’t you include the quiz for your family, during tomorrow’s celebrations for VE day? But you will have to be quick in displaying the next four day’s French translations, so that your family have time to learn them 😀 

I hope that you have a great day today, some brilliant celebrations tomorrow, and enjoy your weekend. 

Speak soon,

Mrs Taylor