Here are some lovely suggestions for you Pioneers…Enjoy.

Good Morning Pioneers, I have prepared a wonderful selection of different suggestions for you to enjoy today and I think that some of them will make you smile. 

We always enjoy a song and today you can have two songs: 17 in the Bed ( a Pioneer Style version of 10 in the bed) and another favourite  5 Currant Buns ( ihave changed the words a litttle for that one too!)

Both of these songs have lots of subtraction.

Here is a wonderful maths song with subtraction.
Once you have watched it,try drawing some pictures to tell the story.
When you have done that you can write the number sentences using – and =.
You can also have a chat about how much the buns might cost.
Make some price labels for you shop.
Do you need any change?
How much do the buns cost altogether?
Take a look at some coins and play “Botham’s “
That’s Maths Magic.

If you want to do some writing to go along with the maths song,you could do some signs and some sentences. Here are some words and ideas to hep you:
Use you tricky words from the last feel weeks to help.
Come and get some big buns.
There is 1 bun left.
They are in a dish.
I got a coin.
I got 3 buns.
There are some buns.
Come and see.
Make labels and add the price.

Here is another maths song to get you doing some subtraction or take away.
Get your numberline out and do jumps backwards along with the song.
You could draw a picture of all the Pioneers together and give them each a number as they roll out of bed.
I was so excited about singing that I may have muddled some of the numbers so you need to listen and check I got it right!
You could also do some subtraction and that might be difficult.
Start at 17 and take 1 away. 17-1=16, then 16-1=15 and keep going.
Use magic beans or use your toys and pretend.


Take a look at a few episodes of Numberblocks

Ten green bottles ( the first section of this clip)

We have 17 in our class and that number features in the song.

That’s Maths Magic

Handwriting for the weekend.

And a bonus story for you all. Its about cake.