Good Morning Adventurers – Happy Thursday!

It has been lovely talking to some of you this week and hearing all your news!

Please keep sending in your videos and photos to Tapestry so we can get our class back together (virtually).

Back to the classroom now – are you ready to start the day? (more details are posted separately on Tapestry).

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Rr’ today.

Maths – Key skills, 10 questions in 10 minutes!

              Keep practising your times tables, you could win the trophy very soon!

              Multiplication and division, inverse calculations.

English – Please join me to read the last few pages of ‘Meerkat Mail’ then write the last postcard from Sunny. Guess where he is now?

Nature – In the last few days I’ve seen a heron, ducks, robins, blackbirds,  an owl, hedge sparrows and a goldfinch. What birds did you spot?

Can you draw or paint a bird and write down a few facts about it? Guess which one I did?

Everybody seems very busy getting ready for the VE day celebrations and I’ve loved seeing all your decorations, bunting and cakes.

Enjoy your day while the sun is shining!

Mrs Roe