Pioneers Wednesday – Zip Wire and Toilet Rolls

Here is another link to some phonics with Mr Thorne. He is Geraldine’s owner


You can turn the volume down on this one and use it for reading
Mr Thorne does W
Here is a link to Mr Thorne if you would like to revise this sound.


It Alll Began When Floyd Got His Kite Stuck in a Tree…

Afters reading the story,Stuck,I had lot of ideas of things to make to help to get things out of the tree.
I always enjoy making zip wires.
You can try different angles for your wire and add a variety of weights to see what happens.
I have used lego to make a very simple construction but I am sure that you can come up with your own wonderful ideas to help when things are stuck in the tree.


Right Pioneers,gather up your toilet rolls and count how many you have to start with.
Estimate,count and check.
Set up your toilet rolls and go bowling to play Toilet Roll Takeaway!
Write down how many you have at the start.
Throw the ball or the toilet roll.
Write down how many you knock down.
How many are left?
Have fun.
That’s maths magic.