Monday the 22nd of June-Learning Suggestions for Pioneers Seymour Science explains… Explorify is a wonderful science resource. Take a look.

Here are three short clips to introduce the changing seasons to your Pioneer. I am sure that these will bring lots of questions.
Stay curious. Happy Learning

This story is an introduction to the seasons for the Pioneers.
This sits nicely with the video clips.

Here is your suggestion for phonics. I suggest that this week we have a bit of revision of some of the Phase 3 digraphs. Here is the poster set that we use to introduce each of these alongside Geraldine.
Your Pioneer will recognise this document.
Today I suggest you take a look at “OW” Flash cards Geraldine

Happy Learning

Here is your suggestion for maths today.

Take a look at the Numberblocks episode.”Lair of Shares”

I have taken photographs of vegetables with share images.

Have a chat about what they represent. Can you draw pictures of each photograph.

Ask questions,” How many peas in each pod?”
“How many peas altogether?”
“Can we share the peas?”
” Is it fair?”

Go out and look for evidence of the summer.
Collect leaves and grasses and wild flowers.
You can make a card to weave onto with card and string or elastic bands.
Happy Hunting