Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning Discoverers, 

It is the beginning of a new week, and I am excited to share your new tasks with you, after you worked so fantastically last week. 

You seemed to really enjoy your poetry learning last week, so I want us to continue writing poetry this week. Today you are simply going to focus of rhyming words. I would like you to create a list of words, and then next to each word, you can put a word that rhymes with it. For example, you could write: blue – shoe.

As you can see, not all rhyming words end in the same letters, but all rhyming words end in the same sound. So say the words out loud, and you will hear the endings sounding the same, if they rhyme. 


In maths this week, we are going to continue working with fractions. You managed tremendously with the work you have completed so far, so now I want to challenge you. Let’s see how you get on.

Today, you are working on adding fractions to make a whole. I have included an example, to show you that when the numerator and the denominator are the same, this means that you have one whole. Simply add the fractions, as you normally would, and then write how many wholes it makes. 

If the numerator is double the denominator, you will have two wholes. 

I have included the answers for Friday’s questions, and the eight questions for today.

For your additional subject this week, we are focusing on French. Previously, we have learned the days of the week. Can you remember what they are? Yes, that’s right: Lundi, Mardi, Mecredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi, Dimanche. 

This week, we are going to focus on learning the months of the year. Today, I want you to start by simply watching this video, and practice saying the months in French.

Have a great day, 

You’re amazing, 

Mrs Taylor