It’s Monday,Pioneers. Have a Magnificent Day!

This week’s book is all about modes of transport. I will make suggestions for learning during the week using ideas in the story.
Aeroplanes,boats,,cars and animal classification to follow.
As always all the posts are suggestions to dip into as you need them. If there is anything I can do to help or to guide please leave me a message on the one to one contact we have set up or have a list ready for me when I ring this week.
Happy Learning.

This week’s maths is measurement. Estimation is always key.
Estimate how many cups of tea you get in a pot.
Estimate how many glasses of juice in a bottle.
Compare and order.
Which jug holds the most?
Which cup holds most?
How do you know?

If it is right for you,take a look at ml and litres and use these in your comparisons too.( More coming later in the week)
Have fun with pouring and filling.
That’s maths magic!


In this week’s story, the camel does not fit in the boat and will make it sink.
I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at making a boat and seeing how much it could hold.
I have used tin foil but you could try out other materials to see what happens.
In maths we are looking at estimating,comparing and measuring.
If you made more than one boat with your family you could compare what each boat will hold.
Maybe your grown up would let you use the weighing scales and you can talk about grams and kilo grams …if your boat is really effective.
Let me know.
Happy Learning

You three words to work on this week are : all,were and little. Write them on postits. Stick them on the fridge.

Here is a link to Mr Thorn reading the tricky words.Have a listen to this one as often as you can during the week.
Do it with the sound on and with the sound off. With the sound off, your Pioneer can pretend to be Mr Thorne and read the words.
Try writing the words if that suits your Pioneer.
Happy Learning