Good Morning Adventurers – It’s back to school Monday!

Hello everybody, hope you had a lovely weekend. I’ve been going on lots of lovely walks and enjoying the wonderful world we live in! The colours in nature at the moment are just beautiful and I hope you will join me to explore colour in lots of different ways in our work this week. (More details are on Tapestry)

Today’s learning includes:

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Jj’

English – I’d like to share a new book with you  ‘When I coloured in the world’ by Ahmadreza Ahmadi. Let’s read it together today then write and draw about what colours represent our different feelings and emotions.

Maths – Key skills for Year 2 and Year 3 then fractions on a number line. Can you find the missing fractions?

Art – I would like us to create our own picture gallery this week by using colours in different ways when we draw animals. You can use what ever materials you like.

Enjoy your day and put lots of colour into our world!

Mrs Roe