Lovely Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday

Here is a little timelapse video of some sunflowers growing to link up with The Tiny Seed.

I have written some sentences for you to read and to write to go along with this.

Read the sentences.
Look foe “oo” and for “ee”
Try using sound buttons on these.
Watch Geraldine the Giraffe to revise each of these sounds. oo ee
You could make a list of words that Geraldine use too .
Send me pictures
Happy Writing
If you have pens and pencils or paint,I would love a picture of a flower from your garden.


A little suggestion for handwriting.


I have made some doubles using Numicon.
Id like you to make some doubles too.
Use stuff in your kitchen.
Set them out then write the number sentence.
Send me your Doubles Pictures


I’d like to introduce you to some of my toys. They all have names and have been played with lots and lots and lots.
I have used them to set out doubles. I thought I could even write number sentences for them.