Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Adventurers! We hope you had a lovely day yesterday, Here are a few activities if you would like to have a go at them. There is more information about them over on tapestry.


Would you like the power to fly, take off from your chair anytime you wanted? Wow!
Today’s task is to think about the amazing powers your superhero has and to write a paragraph explaining them. Also think about what motto they might have to express their goals and ideas.
What superhero sound effects can you use to bring them to life? Use onomatopoeia to help produce different sounds.

Even if you don’t have superhero powers yet we are still capable of extraordinary things. Whether it is amazing acts of kindness, unstoppable determination, helping others or just passing a smile to someone else.
Be a superhero!


Today for your Maths activity Adventurers, I would like you to set up a toy shop with your favourite toys and make them some price tags. If you have a toy till or a money box with lots of change in, this would be great to use in your toy shop.

Look at the different coins we use. Can you order them in terms of their value?

I would then like you to chose 2 items (or 3 if you want to challenge yourself) to buy from your shop. Add the amounts together and think of the different ways you could pay for the items. Which way uses the least coins? Write down another way of making that amount.

Repeat this activity or you could ask a family member to come and buy some things from your shop and you have to work out the total amount they have spent (don’t worry about giving change, we will come to that tomorrow).

This interactive toy shop game is also a fun way of making different amounts. Click the mixed coins version and chose your amount you would like to add up to.




Today Adventurers, I would like us to continue exploring materials and their properties (what they look like).
Before you start the activity, I would like you to use a dictionary (or an online one) to find the meaning of the following words that can be used to describe the properties of some materials:

Can you think of any materials that have those properties?

I would like you to choose 4 things in your house and say what material they are made of, describe their properties and then tell me what you think that the item is made out of that material.
For example, a window is made of glass because it is transparent and you can see through it.


We hope you have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe and Mrs Burton