It’s Wednesday Pioneers

These are my suggestions for learning today,if you need them  and some useful links that the Pioneers will recognise from school. They may help to fill a few moments in your day. Videos are available on Tapestry too.

Don’t forget to play . Play is the highest form of learning as someone very wise said. 

Play. Play. Play. Play . Play. 


Here is your new reading book and some ideas to use when you are reading.

Have your sound mat out to help you.

Watch Geraldine Giraffe to recap sh,ch and th. You might want to do this over a couple of days.
Here  are some  link to Geraldine: th sh ch

Find all the sh words. Read. Copy . Write. Can you think of any others.
Repeat this with the other sounds..


Here is a very useful link to use everyday alongside your lists in the pack from school.

It is Mr Thorne doing all the High Frequency words that are useful.

Happy Reading



Jack and the Bean Stalk

Here is my story map for the start of Jack and the Beanstalk. I had a lot of fun drawing it. A man in a giant top hat helped by holding the paper and Nick composed a piece of music to help to tell the story. Video on Tapestry.

I hope you like the music and the stories.
Draw your own story map.
I will add more tomorrow.
What do you think will happen to the beans?
Do you think that Jack will meet the owner of the boots?
Happy Stories



Here is some number stuff:

I hope that the estimating is going well.

Here is a link to one of our favourite counting songs:

Have a look at the next Numberblocks episode:

Counting on is a great way to get going with addition.

Have a numberline or a number square to look at.

You can count anything:shoes,pasta,teddies,stones or magic beans like me.

You can write down your number sentences if you fancy using + and =. You might even end up doing take away or subtraction.

If you are using playing cards the adding can get quite difficult so select your number to suit your needs. You could also try adding 3 numbers or even 4. once you’ve got the hang of it you can just count the symbols on the cards and miss out the magic beans.

Grown-ups – The Pioneers love to spot mistakes. It always good to make the odd error for them to identify and say why it is wrong.

Don’t forget to make your numbers nice and neat. I have added a little video to remind you.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine with your families.

Play. Play. Play . Play. Play.