Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I’ve seen lots of interesting door designs and I am looking forward to finding our where these doors will lead us next week.


Using your 6 sentences from yesterday, I’d like you see if you can now edit your sentences to make them even better.  Think about using; descriptive adjectives, powerful verbs, relative clauses, similes and metaphors.


E.g. I opened the magical door and saw …  a shoal of hungry shadows, tangoing through busy streets like a swarm


Continue taking your temperatures at the 3 chosen times of the day and either add them to your data collection or plot them on your graph if you are doing this as you go along.

You should have 3 pieces of data for each of your times by the end of today.

DIY Lava Lamp -Science

In science, you have been thinking about separating materials.  Have a go at making this fun Lava Lamp and watch how the materials separate.  How does this work scientifically?